Florida-based 3DChimera first VAR reseller in US

We proudly announce: the Florida-based 3DChimera is German RepRap’s first value-added reseller in the US market. After our 3D printers have been successfully deployed in large numbers all across Europe 3DChimera is now offering the full 3D printer product line, including the large format industrial FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) printers X400 and X1000.

“The 3D-printers by German RepRap impressed us with their excellent price-performance ratio and their quality ‘Made in Germany’ construction,”

said Founder and CEO, Walter Puls. 3DChimera has been involved in the 3D printing revolution from day one and has accumulated extensive experience with the installation and operation of 3D printers. They also have the necessary CAD & engineering know-how help their customers turn designs into printable products.

“We already have a number of customers there that have received our products from Germany. With 3DChimera, our existing and prospective customers now have a local contact as well. We are confident this will further increase our market share for 3D printers”,

says Florian Bautz, managing director of German RepRap.