3D Printing Applications

3D printing is widely used in many different industries due to it’s time and cost reducing abilities.


Aerospace - With 3D Design and 3D Printing the design of parts can be optimised to reduce the weight. This has a significant impact on the cost of operating planes as every KG saved in weight, reduces the amount of fuel required and has a corresponding reduction in the planes CO2 emissions.


Dentistry - Similar to the medical advantages of additive manufacturing this industry has capitalised on the freedom and flexibility to create bespoke moulds and implants for patients. Practises can be carried out on these models to ensure that when surgery is needed however complex it maybe it can be a success.


Automotive - The Automotive Industry has been an early adopter of additive manufacturing for rapid prototyping new car and bike components. Whilst prototyping is still the main objective for additive manufacturing in more recent years the automotive industry has started to use the process to manufacture for production and producing parts which fit straight into cars and onto bikes.


Architecture - Additive manufacturing is being used to provide scale models for developments since the inception of technology, this means that we can work closely with Architects who are often required to produce models to support a new building that they have designed.


Education - Paper models are now a thing of the past. The majority of  School’s and Universities are becoming more and more familiar with the different types of Additive manufacturing with many already having  experienced the technology. Ryobe 3D supports students with low cost models.


Defence - The military industry has really taken additive manufacturing on board with different organisations around the globe all looking to see how additive manufacturing can be used in a range of applications. From helping with the logistics to cutting costs where needed, additive manufacturing has really been brought in to its own with the Defence use of it.


Medical -  3D printing applications in the medical sector are already having a positive impact for patients. There isn’t 2 human beings who are the same on planet earth and because of this fact it means additive manufacturing proves to be a fantastic solution to create tailored medical models and implants, the use of additive manufacturing with in the medical industry has doubled in recent years due to the flexibility and clarity that it gives the patients and practitioners.


Entertainment - Entertainment, Television and Movie industries use additive manufacturing methods for CGI animation along with creating props and creating set designs. There has been an increase in additive manufacturing with production companies as it saves time whilst being flexible and cost saving.