Compliments for the NEO – German magazine “c’t”

“If you don’t need ABS, there is nothing better available for 700 Euro” – that’s the bottom line by the c’t editors with regards to the NEO.

We are very pleased with that. The NEO is a real workhorse, says the editor. It is easy to use, prints reliably and without much fuss and on top of that, it is the most quiet printer. They also praised the price tag as well as its size. The NEO is a rather robust device. The special 3D printer edition of the magazine mentions that “it appears as if it would even survive dropping off the desk”.

We are now focusing on reviewing some items like the ragged bunny ears of the test prints (see photo). We think, these are due to a bug in the Slic3r software which should be addressed in the next version of Slic3r. To further improve the print quality to close the gap to much more expensive printer, we can recommend a new software in our online shop: Simplify3D.

Simplify3D is an All-in-one software package that replaces Slic3r and Repetier-Host. Hence only one package on your computer needs to be installed or updated. The photo shows the same bunny printed with the new software.


Since the NEO doesn’t need proprietary filament cartridges many less expensive plastics in a large variety of colours can be used. However, the quality does vary between manufacturers. Especially low cost filaments made in China may vary the raw material content and the filament diameter even within a spool which leads to printing problems. Filaments by German RepRap are produced in Germany to the highest quality standards.