Choosing the right 3D printer

When it comes to 3D printing the most asked question is probably “which 3D printer should I buy?”. Before researching which 3D printer is best for you it’s important to ask yourself a few questions about your budget, level of experience and what you’ll be using the printer for.


– A compact and reliable 3D printer which is ideal for entry level professionals wanting to manufacture smaller objects with great precision. The X150 is affordable and easy to use and can be directly connected to any computer with a USB cable. It is often described as the perfect printer to start your journey into the world of 3D printing.




X350 pro

– This medium sized 3D printer is extremely durable and  designed for continuous industrial use. It’s rectangle build platform is a stand out feature which allows optimum use of the print area making it ideal for printing objects with an elongated shape. The printer can be set up and ready to use within minutes and can be used as a standalone printer or connected to a WIFI network.



X400 V3 – A bestselling, fast and precise 3D printer designed for industry professionals wanting to create large scale objects. Used by electronics manufacturers, architects and the car industry. The Auto Bed Levelling function makes the print bed easily adjustable in height and only requires a onetime calibration. It’s defining quality is the DD3 extruder which features two print heads, allowing printing in two colours or with a variety of water soluble support materials such as PVA or HIPS.



X400 V4 – Similar to the X400 V3, the V4 is a professional 3D printer that can print both large and small models. The X400 V4 includes new features such as a filament tracking system  that will pause the printing process when empty and a professional ventilation concept which ensures reliability by controlling the machine’s temperature.





X500 – A Robust industrial 3D printer with an even larger print volume and a heated building chamber (80˚C max) which can process the latest filaments. Ideal for those who want to avoid the potential shrinking effects that can occur when using conventional filament types. The machine’s filament feed control tracks the movement of the filament and synchronises it live with the feeding to ensure precision and constant material flow.




X1000 – Industrial , large format 3D printer with cutting edge technology. The X1000 is the largest model available, designed to print large sized objects or multiple objects in high quality. It has a large, closed build envelope which allows air flow to avoid poor quality models as well as an automatic door locking mechanism during process making it ideal for industrial use. It is highly reliable, network compatible and can design and print large objects quickly and precisely.




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